• Lightning Detector Detect lightning storms! The StormPro2 gives you advance weather warning technology you can use at home, indoors or out.
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  • Cooling Blankets Reduces core body temperature of heat stricken victims immediately. Perfect for any sporting activity.
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  • Cooling Hats Cooling Hats provide heat relief comfort for up to 8 full hours. Soak in tap water for 5 minutes, wring out excess water, wipe and wear.
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CoolTek™ Hydroweave™ Heat Relief Products for Work and Play™CoolTek is the Latest Advancement in Cooling Fabric Technology.

CoolTek coolwear is the most advanced line of personal cooling garments on the market for reducing the damaging effects of heat stress.

CoolTek products are specially designed to reduce core body temperature, which enables you to be more productive in high heat environments.

See How CoolTek Works to provide heat relief.

Featured Products

Cooling Hat Cooling Hat $21.95 Cooling Neckband and Headband Cooling Neckband and Headband $9.95 Cooling Vest V-Neck Style Cooling Vest V-Neck Style $89.95 StormPro2 Storm Tracker (Yellow) StormPro2 Storm Tracker (Yellow) $479.95